Exciting News at One in the Morning – A Quick Update- Rebekah Benson


Something really exciting happened at 1am on Sunday morning. I’ll tell you about it in a second, but we haven’t done an update in awhile, so we thought we would tell you a little bit about what’s been going on in our lives since we wrote the articles How We Got Here and Crying for Adventure.

We said goodbye to our house and turned it over to a new family a couple weeks ago. So, so bittersweet because we have so many memories there. It really was such a great place for us, but we made the trade-off while knowing that we probably won’t have the opportunity for a place like this again, and looking forward to what will be gained on our adventure and to the new direction this will take our lives, even after we return.

Duane was really sick with the flu for the whole week or 2 before we closed and that made things so difficult and crazy for us trying to get out of there. Ezra had pink eye and then he got the flu as well, so he was pretty miserable too. We needed all hands to help in order for us to finish, but two fifths of the crew were moving pretty slowly or not at all, and another two fifths still had school and track meets and lots of  homework to take care of during that time. It was a rough couple of weeks. Every time we move, I say that I never want to do it again.

IMG_2434I was so exhausted and happy to be done and so glad to be finally able to relax when we moved into our temporary rental. It is a cute little, almost 100 year old home, set on a hill with an awesome porch and gorgeous views overlooking the trees. And it was soon after we moved in that I noticed the mouse droppings EVERYWHERE. On the pantry shelves, on the blender, in the shower, in theFullSizeRender corners and closets of all the rooms, on the couch, on the spare sheets in the closet, on the nightstand, IN THE BEDS!!! I didn’t see that last one until after I had slept in the bed for 2 nights. That’s when I realized the problem wasn’t confined to the kitchen and went on a hunt and found all the rest.  I am not a fan of mice. At all. So I set to work cleaning the whole place, putting our food into bins, and trying to catch the mice. We have only caught 1, and I am seriously hoping he was the lone pooper. But we realize we will likely find much worse in some places we go, so I am using this as practice to try to be ok with the nasty.

6E2DF4B1-17F8-4B87-9366-C9AD80268FDAThen Micah got the flu, just as Duane was getting over it, so we had the 2 younger boys skipping school and laying in bed all day. Noah and I refused to get it. Using lots of essential oils and drinking all of the immune boosting, nasty concoctions we could think of, we avoided it nicely.

As the boys were trying to recover, they got a huge surprise. Duane’s wonderful parents showed up from San Diego to spend a few weeks with us and to love on their only grandkids before we take them away for a year. The kids are so spoiled when they are around and love every minute of it.

After we got out of our house, more serious trip preparations needed to happen, and we started researching Spanish language schools- thinking it would be awesome if we could communicate while in Central and South America. Communication is always a plus, I hear. We were encouraged to look intoIMG_2455 Guatemala by one of our awesome Airbnb guests right before we ditched the house. She showed us some pictures of volcanoes and fruit at the market in her home country and we were sold. We found some language schools in Antigua, Guatemala and started looking for plane tickets. We talked about the idea of leaving for our trip earlier than the end of July as originally planned, since we are homeless here anyway and living in Central America will be cheaper than living in a vacation rental here. Duane found an awesome deal on some plane tickets and at 1am this morning, he bought them! So we are off!! We leave June 13, less than 2 months away. And now the realization that I have a LOT to do before we leave is hitting me. It isn’t helping that we are looking into buying a house downtown quick before we leave…But that’s a different story.

Exciting News at One in the Morning – A Quick Update- Rebekah Benson

4 thoughts on “Exciting News at One in the Morning – A Quick Update- Rebekah Benson

  • April 19, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Just listened to you on the budget minded traveler. Thought I’d check in with you and follow along. Good luck, and safe travels.

  • April 20, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Thanks for your response on the Budget Minded Traveler FB page. Just listened to your podcast and now I see you are leaving in two months. Congrats!!! I will be following you. We are headed off to Italy for part of the summer but in another year, I’d like to start a year long journey with my daughter. I’ll be following you!!

    And the mouse — good your getting out, there is never just one mouse.


    • April 20, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      Thanks Suzanne! Sounds like you’re going to have an awesome adventure too. Our son was on a trip to Italy and Greece when we were on with Jackie but I have never been. He said that he wished he could have seen more of the countryside in Italy and got a little bored with the city. He totally loved Greece though! He didn’t want to come back. I know you’re looking for another spot there…he would probably say “go to the countryside”. Will this be your first trip there or have you been before?


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