About Before We Finish

So who is this Before We Finish crew and what are they about? Well, we’re just a normal family of five who love to dream and want to do amazing things in this world before the ol’ ticker stops ticking. So, for this season of life, we’re setting out on an adventure. This adventure will take us around the world where our family will experience the rich beauty of the people and places around our world.

You are invited to join us through this blog. But, what we really hope to do is encourage and inspire you to VENTURE OUT and do amazing things in your life. We view this as a communal experience and experiment; you and us venturing out into areas that require us to act courageously. So, come on. Let’s go do something amazing…BEFORE WE FINISH.



A Little About Our Family

Ezra is an adventurous 8 year old. Last summer, his goal was to climb a mountain. “Not a hill. It has to be a mountain” as he says. He accomplished his first climb above treeline last August hiking up Mt. Bailey in southern Oregon. Now, after seeing video of skydivers in New Zealand, he is begging to jump out of a plane. Ezra loves to try new adventures and is looking forward to the ziplines in Costa Rica and exploring Patagonia. He is also incredibly artistic and loves to build Legos.



IMG_6639 (1)Micah is 12 and loves to call himself weird. He is the family’s resident comedian and adventure foodie. Eating creatures like scorpions and grasshoppers and fire ants makes him happy, but he says tarantulas are the best. He is hoping to find bugs on a stick to eat while on our global adventure and is also really hoping to ride on a bus with chickens. Micah is a hard worker and is amazingly talented at drawing. His wild imagination and creativity are the source of much laughter for the family.



Noah is the artist and a photographer for his school magazine and loves IMG_2190to mix art with meaning. He is 17 years old, but is really an old soul. He is a deep thinker and would love to just grow a beard and move to the mountains with his camera, some watercolors, and his art journal. And of course an espresso machine. Having been trained by the best barista around, he can make an amazing cup of coffee. His dream is to travel the world doing photojournalism and drinking great coffee.




Rebekah is wife and mom to this crazy bunch. She has been on a few world adventures in the past- Tanzania, South Africa, Mexico, and Germany- and can’t wait to get back out exploring the world. She grew up in California loving to surf and snowboard and doing crazy things with her 6 siblings. She enjoys being a mom to boys, as she doesn’t know much about being super girly. She loves to host people in her home through Airbnb and takes much pride in creating an awesome atmosphere for her guests.



Duane had his first venture overseas at the age of 13 where he spent nearly two months camping throughout Europe the year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It ruined him for good and set him on a course that would drive him to make travel and experiencing the richness of other cultures a part of his life. He has since traveled to multiple countries. Spending most of his life in California, Duane has a great affinity for the mountains and the sea and loves to partake in the pleasures they both offer; surfing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding being among his favorites.  Duane is currently a firefighter/EMT for the city of San Antonio, Tx and loves to spend time with his family and inspiring others to chase a life of meaning and significance.